Amy Maynor - Owner of Beauty For Homes

Amy L. Maynor has 20 years experience in Real estate marketing, Project Management and Design. Her love for the arts, beauty and restoration of homes has been a constant. Graduating from Florida State University in the 1990's in PR/Marketing and Art History, she pursued a masters in public administration. She successfully lobbied the state for funding for community outreaches, and achieved the "Humanitarian Award" for Florida State University. After starting a statewide program for college students in community outreaches across the state (that grew to a large program and volunteer centers on campuses); she took her love for people and the arts, and began to work as a producer for a film and TV company, Pine Ridge. She worked as a location assistant for movies, and a line producer for commercials, and daytime programming.


logoAmy Maynor's many creative skills include producing programs and specials for HGVT, Pet Shows and special features for BUYSELLMOVE.


Amy Maynor is Certified in Staging and Redesign. She is a charter member of RESA JAX (Real Estate Staging Association).

Business Ventures

Upon completing her final episode of BUYSELLMOVE, she sped into a career of remodeling and refurbishing homes for her own MAYNOR PROPERTIES INC.

Amy Maynor's Experience

While at this award winning company, she produced numerous programs and specials for HGVT including cooking shows, pet shows and BUYSELLMOVE specials. She traveled and worked with television stations to market their news brands and anchors, as well as filming in unique locations and destinations. She negotiated contracts and managed crews on location to get the quality programs on HGTV, PBS and more. Each scene was meticulously staged by Mrs. Maynor and her crew for capturing the best angles and ambiance.

Upon completing her final episode of BUYSELLMOVE, she sped into a career of remodeling and refurbishing homes for her own MAYNOR PROPERTIES INC. He artistic bent and love for beauty shone through in the homes, regardless of size. Her homes ranged from $30,000 to 1.2 million in sales. One of her most unique was a smaller 1914 historical home that was restored in short time and resold to the first person who walked in. The same homes that were on the market before she bought were still on the market when hers sold. The home was badly out of level, eaten up with termites and had a myriad of electrical and structural needs. It had been added onto many times since 1914. With the right crew, some creative changes in a very short time, she doubled in profit. The entire project was refurbished, marketed, and resold in 2 ½ months. She additionally has served as a marketing consultant for smaller companies looking to expand their marketability and exposure.

Her love for restoration and remodeling built 15 years of successful real estate investing that led her to market her homes most effectively, while working with a myriad of brokers and agents. Her homes have consistently sold in short times for high prices for the market, and at times, the highest for the whole area. She worked additionally for high end homeowners doing remodeling/additions as project manager. She ran an antique booth, just to have access to the best furniture, paintings, rugs and more for her homes. These projects were completed on time and at budget with great value added. Her fine subcontractors and long lasting relationships have made the greatest difference in successful real estate investing and sales. Her rental properties stay occupied. Her love and compassion for people has led her to many community outreaches and the donation of four homes to pastors, ministries and needy families.

If you ask Amy, she will say that learning from her own mistakes brings success, as well as hard work, and doing her research. After doing nearly 50 homes for remodel, resale, flipping or investments she has seen the good, bad, and ugly of real estate marketing. She agrees that the best way to sell a home is to present a great product at a fair market price, and do it right from the beginning (before the first showing). Her homes were remodeled, refurbished and staged well and sold in short time for any market. She is a firm believer in the laws of "STAGENOMICS" as she states. Her motto is "bringing beauty into REAL life" as she is a busy mom of three and appreciates the value in smarter and realistic living spaces.

In 2011, Mrs. Maynor took the Transformation Staging and Redesign Certification Course to brush up on her skills. Upon completing her certification, she found a new network of talented subcontractors, as well by joining as a charter member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) with other designers and top realtors. Combined with her own homes, she has staged homes for successful sales.

Recently, a homeowner had a home on the market for 8 months with no offers, upon her staging and lightly refurbishing the home, it sold for top dollar for the market in about 60 days. The staging made all the difference, as well as removing items and storing them. It is never too late to improve the sale of a home with refurbishing, home staging and redesign. That home sold for cash top dollar!

Today, Mrs. Maynor is working with new clients to prove successes in this challenging market. With the right tools, her business can be the secret weapon any realtor or homeowner can use to sell FASTER and for MORE money.

Ten percent or more of all Beauty for Homes profit goes to life giving and family charities in the local community, including Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Family for LIFE, New Life, Community Hospice, First Coast Women's Services, JSA School for Autism, and East Coast Ballet Society.

She has been married nearly 20 years, and has three children.


"A single day with Beauty For Homes made all the difference in my selling price. Before, I couldn't seem to get it sold." Peggy - Jacksonville, Florida Home Seller.

"Amy Maynor and the crew of Beauty for Homes have completely remodeled a number of homes successfully! We bought and sold homes that were totally transformed. Her home staging and attention to detail made the real estate marketing easier than most, and the homes sold for top dollar. I encourage agents and homeowners to work with Beauty for Homes to get your home sold for more money!" - Wendy Wheeler Meek - Real Estate Broker


Remodeling is a large chore but the benefits once completed out weigh all the hassles. Any time and money spent will usually bring you the return of more money and a quicker sale.


Working with a Accredited Staging Professional makes a difference. Many Realtors prefer to have their listing "staged" because this increase the listing price and the Homes sell quicker.